Why protective tactical gloves?

Sadly, nowadays tactical gloves or protective gloves are wrongfully considered to be a sign of »weakness« in many different areas of the security and military sector. There is a saying in many working environment that a “true warrior” does not need protective gloves. You couldn’t be more wrong …

When we are talking about tactical gloves, we are actually talking about means to end. With them we are increasing torque and grip on our sweaty and greasy hands when dealing with instruments and weaponry aaand we are looking quite dangerous. It’s not a secret, that the market is flooded with tactical gloves. Many designs are working exclusively on the grip, which is totally fine, but usually the gloves are based on Lycra, neoprene, rubber etc., which is sufficient for practical shooting, but totally inappropriate for any police or military usage etc. These gloves are partially protecting you from mechanical hazards, but when exposed to heat they melt and can seriously harm your hands – even more than NOT using any gloves!

Remember, hands are a basic and primary tool – be it for firefighters, soldiers, marines, pilots, rescue services etc. And we only have a pair … Damaging a hand is a complete neutralization of an operator. In most cases combat statistics has shown that they are even incapable in giving themselves first aid. As same as alpine climbers are risking their lives when not using protective gloves and having frozen fingers, every operator needs good gloves. Let’s not forget that with risking and irresponsible behavior we are not only threatening our lives but also the lives of our comrades who our counting on our 100% operative capabilities.

Practice has shown us the need for fire retardant equipment on a basic organizational level. When a vehicle is hit by an improvised explosive device our first concern are fragmentation effect and secondary projectiles in the vehicle. Right after that we need good protective gloves to egress safely with all the heated material, broken glass etc. We concern it unserious that some units still have it in their SOPs to use weapon slings etc. for field striping a heated assault rifle and similar. If the weapon is too hot to handle with bare hands, we operate with gloves. End of discussion.

When do you need Kevlar and Nomex gloves?

Since the very beginning Perunika has been selling Kevlar and/or Nomex gloves. First time we were faced with it was back in the day on Future Soldier Conference and Exhibition 2010 in Prague. Because we are never compromising with safety of our clients and quality is of upmost importance for us, we have always been offering Nomex/Kevlar gloves to our customers.

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