From the arborist high up in the tree to the backyard gardener. From a forester deep in the woods to a furniture maker in the workshop. Many enthusiasts around the world rely on Silky pruining saws and axes.

With a variety of blade sizes, everyone can find the perfect solution for themselves. From compact and versatile folding blades that can easily be put in your pocket for all kinds of general pruning, to large pole saws that are perfectly adapted to the highest demands of tree pruning.

Chainsaws/battery-powered saws cut and damage wood!

Don’t buy battery-powered saws or chainsaws – they will splinter the wood and damage it, which you really don’t want in a tree. Pruning causes trauma to the tree, damage that has a significant impact on the subsequent growth and development of the tree. Silky makes a completely clean cut and less trauma to the tree, with less chance of damage and drying out.

When sawing or pruning with a Silky, you don’t have to exert any more effort than with a chainsaw, because gravity does all the work. In addition, the hand saw is easier to hold because it has a lighter head compared to an electric/motor saw. It can also be easily operated by the fairer sex and the elderly, in short, it is suitable for everyone. The Silky handsaw is a truly long-term investment because it is non-perishable and all parts are replaceable.

Why Silky pruning saws

Silky tree pruning saws are often popular for several reasons:

  • Sharpness: Silky saws are known for their extremely sharp blades. This sharpness allows for cleaner cuts, which are essential for the health of the tree. Clean cuts heal faster and are less prone to disease and pests.
  • Efficiency: Silky saws are designed for both pushing and pulling due to their high efficiency. This design allows faster cutting with less effort compared to traditional push-only saws.
  • Precision: the fine teeth and design of Silky saws allow for precise cutting. This precision is crucial when pruning trees as it ensures that only the intended branches are removed, minimising tree damage and promoting healthy growth.
  • Portability: many Silky models are compact and lightweight, making them easy to carry and manoeuvre in tight spaces such as dense tree canopies. This portability is useful for arborists, gardeners and outdoor enthusiasts who need to prune trees in different locations.
  • Durability: Every part of the saw can be replaced individually, and most components are compatible with each other between different saw models, so you can have your Silky saw forever.
The Silky pole Saw is also the perfect choice for home orchards or professional fruit growers

Pole saws

Silky pole saws are specialised tools for pruning trees and shrubs at height. They consist of a blade attached to an extendable pole, allowing users to reach high branches without the need for a ladder or climbing equipment. Here are some of the key features and benefits of Silky saws:

  • Extendable pole: telescopic extendable poles that can be extended to reach different heights are a feature of Silky pole saws. This allows users to safely and easily access branches that are high off the ground.
  • More blade options: Silky offers different types and lengths of blades to suit different pruning needs. Some models are equipped with interchangeable blades, allowing users to switch between sawing and trimming.
  • Light and portable: Silky pole saws are often light and easy to manoeuvre, despite the long bar. This makes them suitable for use by professional arborists, landscape architects and for home use.
  • Safety features: many Silky pole saws are equipped with safety features such as locking mechanisms for fixing the extension bar to the desired length and padded handles for comfortable handling during prolonged use.
  • Material: Silky pole saws are made of high-quality materials such as aluminium or fibreglass rods and corrosion-resistant saw blades. This construction ensures durability and long service life, even with frequent use in harsh outdoor conditions.

In general, Silky pole saws are popular among professionals and home users for their combination of cutting performance, long reach, easy manoeuvrability, safety features and durability, making them an effective tool for pruning and maintaining trees at heights.

Silky pole Saws are light and easy to saw with a pull

Types of Silky pole saws

Silky offers several types of pole saws to cover all applications. From the very light, such as the Hayauchi, to the medium, such as the Forester and Zübat, to the heaviest, but also the most powerful – the Hayate. In any case, all pole saws are extremely manoeuvrable and easy to handle, even at higher heights and in densely vegetated canopy spaces. No climbing ladders, but firmly with both feet on the ground.

Overall, the Silky Forester is considered the best pole saw due to its sharpness, tooth shape, ergonomic handle, durability and versatility. Whether you’re a professional arborist or a weekend gardener, the Silky Forester is the tool that can help you complete your pruning tasks with ease and precision.

Silky Forester

We’ve also written a short guide to help you choose the right Silky pole Saw, where we’ve introduced them in more detail.