We’ve been getting some questions and more and more inquiries regarding the so-called ‘RFID protection’. RFID is an acronym for ‘radio-frequency identification’. RFID uses electro-magnetic field to identify and track tags (electronically-stored information) attached to object (such as credit cards, electronic chips etc.). So while contactless bank and credit cards are really awesome to use, they present at the same time a threat for electronic identity theft. That’s why many producers are now using RFID protection for your documents and bank cards.

How can you protect your data?

We are offering two products from Tasmanian Tiger: one classic wallet with a special pocket to safeguard your cards and one designed to hold a passport. Both are using a special material CRYPTALLOY that is TÜV certified RFID blocking.

Tasmanian Tiger Passport Safe

Example of RFID protection with Tasmanian Tiger Passport safe