If you’re searching for your next EDC flashlight, take a good look at the ReFlash Eco flashlight. There’s a myriad of different models of flashlights around – enough that we even have a huge blogpost about that topic. But when you’re looking for a very good option for regular usage, the ReFlash Eco flashlight is a very good candidate.

The ReFlash Eco flashlight is as "green" a light as it gets
The ReFlash Eco flashlight is as “green” as it gets

When you look around on shop pages about flashlights you will find a lot of different features and specs. These help with choosing the right model for very specific jobs. That’s great, but what if you’re searching for a general purpose model? One that’s more than good enough in every situation, doesn’t cost a fortune and can be easily carried?

Learn about the ReFlash Eco flashlight

This light is a perfect daily companion. It’s bright enough for navigation and searching stuff in the outdoors. Yet small and light enough so you can carry it with you all the time.

This torch uses a single rechargeable 18650 battery which means it can use more powerful lightsources than lights with standard AA batteries. The body has a USB-C connector so you can charge the battery while it’s in the flashlight. The package contains a matching cable so all you need is an USB port to charge the whole system. The connector is covered by a rubber lid which helps to protect the contacts from water and dirt.

There is a single button on the side of the body which allows to select all light modes. There’s no second button at the end like some tactical flashlights have which means you can stand the body upright. The button doubles as an indicator light to show charging status and when the battery is running low. Speaking of running low, the beam will blink when it’s time to dim down to save what’s left. So you won’t be surprised by a dead battery when you need it the most.


There’s no one single setting in a flashlight that can cover any situation. Therefor the ReFlash Eco flashlight has different brightness levels you can easily choose by pressing the on/off button. There’s a standard mode for most usecases and a turbo mode when you need a lot of light. And a “moonlight mode” if you want to preserve your nightvision or don’t blind people around you. Even more you can twist the head of the lamp to adjust the focus of the lens. With that you can easily turn your light from a “flooder” (wide area of light, ideal for navigation) into a “thrower” (narrow beam of bright light that will reach very far). And anything in between. By using pressing combinations you can even activate a “strobe mode” (to blind and irritate attackers) or automatically blink “SOS” in morse code.

There's an adjustable lens covering the LED sou you can refocus the beam
The lamp has an adjustable lens

The light also has a second set of modes you can activate by pressing the button 10 times if you don’t like how you can reach the different light levels.

Comes with extras

There are a lot of extras available for many flashlights. Extra straps and holders, filters etc. The ReFlash Eco flashlight already comes with a charging cable, a lanyard and a head strap so you can use it as a headlamp.

And it has a removable clip so you can easily clip it into your pants pockets if you want.

The ReFlash Eco flashlight already comes with a lot of extra items
The package includes lots of extras

The lanyard is especially helpful because it has a quick release buckle. So if you don’t wear it over your wrist but use it to dummycord the flashlight to your pants or jacket you can still release it if you need more space.


With the clip, the lanyard and the head strap you already have lots of mounting options. But there’s more. Most packs come with a rubber bike mount as well. It’s not officially part of the package but they put it in for free as long as supplies last.

The back of the ReFlash Eco flashlight is magnetic so you can easily mount it on many surfaces. Even simpler, the back is flat so you can stand it upright in the so called “candle mode”.

Is not over the top

Given, there are flashlights on the market that will outperform the ReFlash in toughness or brightness. Just ask yourself if you need such a flashlight. If you’re a collector or a professional tactical operator this little light might not be ideal for you. But if you are searching for something that can be very useful in daily applications that won’t set you back big bucks then have another look.

Especially the latter part is something to consider. If you compare features you will find many other models from different brands that are comparable but cost twice as much.

The “Eco” in ReFlash Eco flashlight

Most parts of this flashlight are made within Slovenia. That means you have short ways of transportation and European Union regulations for production companies.

If that’s not enough, the battery is recycled. When it comes to being eco friendly, components of batteries make a big impact. There are lots of batteries put to waste even when they could be perfectly used for flashlights and other use cases. If you are worried about the remaining life time: you get a guarantee on the battery from the manufacturer.

How I use the ReFlash Eco flashlight

If you are a regular reader you already know I have a thing for flashlights. So I own and carry multiple ones. Testing the ReFlash Eco flashlight had me surprised in a good way. My collection ranges from very basic models to quite luxurious ones and the ReFlash stayed in my pocket way over the projected timerange of the test. It may not be the ultimate tactical lightbringer but it’s ideal as a an EDC light source, especially for dog owners. It’s so small and handy that I didn’t want to exchange it for another model, yet.