Perunika is starting a project of selling professional line of merino base layers from Norrskov. Their products are distinguishable by highest quality of production and merino fibres – up to 17.5 microns (instead of standard 21) and down to 105 grams of weight (instead of 125 g). Professional line is made from NuYarn fibres, which consist from polyamide core and soft merino coating. In the whitening process no chlorine is used and all the merino wool is traceable with highest eco standards applied. Products are made for both professionals such as military, police, rescue services etc. and outdoor enthusiast who expect the best from their base layers.

Sponsoring adventures

Because we have a 100% trust in Norrskov products, we’ve sponsored our friend Miha Podgornik, who went on an adventure of a lifetime with well-known skier Ivica Kostelić. Physically, logistically and mentally difficult project “TransIceland” will take them through the heartland of Iceland in currently difficult climate and geographical conditions.

Follow them here:

Miha Podgornik

Ivica Kostelić