This year we are celebrating our third year of existence. We’ve started our journey in time that was still influenced by financial and economic crisis and by general scepticism – especially towards the »unnecessary« retail branches such as military and security equipment. Despite all that we’ve stubbornly pushed ourselves forward – even without any financial background and support – because we really wanted to make a difference in the area of our expertise. It’s not the most financially rewarding work but we love doing it! We’ve built the company from scratch and from bottom up – with your help. Every customer who has trusted us and made a purchase despite our not known name has put a brick in the foundation of our company. Sadly this approach also has its disadvantages: we’ve had to personally chip in on several occasions to achieve the promised goals and on numerous occasions we’ve disappointed you with delayed orders. For that we are truly and honestly sorry.

What’s to come?

Where are we and where are we heading? If we’ve been wandering a bit in the first couple of years and been buying commercial and low-quality brands to appeal the wider market, we’ve now fully developed our core policy. Chosen partners are uncompromising as far as the quality is concerned and are striving towards keeping the production at home – either locally or in Europe. Quality control is higher and companies are working with local community. We are looking for partners who share our vision and with whom we can grow and develop in unison. These factors are sadly taken a toll in higher price, but we still firmly believe in high-quality-oriented local business. At the same time we are working hand in hand with members of the security sector. We are following global trends and understand the needs of individuals who need the high-quality gear the most.

This year we have prepared quite a few surprises for you in form of prize games, discounts and rewards for your loyalty. Also we are slowly introducing new European brands which will definitively become a necessary part of your every day. Let us thank you all one more time for staying with us and believing in us. Without you we wouldn’t be here!