Perunika is celebrating first five years! Just like every year, we can babble how we have fulfilled the set goals, how we remain the best, with the best customer support and, of course, the best customers! And although all this is true (laughter), this anniversary deserves a little more concreteness and information with which we would like to satisfy the most loyal and curious ones.

A look at the past

Anyone who looked at our beginnings in the ‘distant 2013’ would probably have thought: “These guys really want to please everyone.” Yes, we’ve aimed high and dispersed brands and products in order to capture the largest customer profile. “We will not survive with such a narrow audience!” A narrow focus was at that time completely unimaginable. Today, in our ranks we combine a set of professionals, ‘tacticool enthusiasts’, hikers and scouts that wear more camouflage than the average soldier, etc. Where we previously wanted to serve a bicycle to a bicyclist, we today convince him to wear a camouflage net during cycling. And this tactics is incredibly successful!

Today’s situation

Today, the final image is completely different from the planned one, but the prediction is even more different. We replaced dropped bombs with laser guided missiles, a machine gun with a sniper rifle. Our team is not only small; we could say it’s ‘micro’. However, we don’t fool ourselves and rather we rely on you for support. We work hand in hand with soldiers, police officers, security guards, firefighters, first responders, fishermen, athletes, hunters, scouts, mountaineers, hikers … the list is almost infinite. We listen to all and learn. And according to your interests and wishes, we have a dynamic and variable sales program. We disappointed some because we simply stopped importing a product or even an entire brand overnight, but we quickly make them happy with novelties that we could bring to our store at the expense of small stocks and their fast turn over.

Whats’ to come

And what is the concrete situation with new brands and purchases? Since we are lagging behind with entering products on a web site, let’s briefly introduce them. Helikon-Tex will continue to be our parading horse, because with their rapid growth and adaptation to the market, we do not need to look for (too many) new brands. Helikon-Tex launched its own range line with lubes, targets, holsters, and designed two new chest rigs. Also the program of tactical equipment, backpacks and clothing is growing. They are faithfully joined by Direct Action, who extends the program of tactical equipment, the ‘low-profile’ line for police and security personnel, etc. Perhaps the fastest growing brand in our offer is Pentagon, which combines a huge supply of textiles, backpacks, jackets and other equipment. With the motto ‘tactical sportswear’, they are a bit unconventional in the tactical equipment market, and at the same time bring a lot of positive innovations from sportswear market.

Last year, ALTA issued the first kneepads in the world that are made with Vibram! Unfortunately, we have lost all the suppliers in Europe, so we are counting on ordering them directly from the US as soon as an opportunity arises. Buff and Nalgene are two novelties in our store with a very specific program. Buff is a pioneer of multi-purpose headwear, and Nalgene has indestructible bottles of Tritan plastic. Although there are already cheaper alternatives available, we decided to stay faithful to the original ones that you can also appreciate. Norrskov has cemented their presence in Europe with high-end socks for the most demanding users, and this year they are joined by merino shirts and underwear.

Also incredibly fresh is our military surplus imports. Here we aim to sell more and more genuine well-preserved uniforms and equipment that meets military standards, but is also affordable. Transport bags and backpacks are especially welcome. We’ve also started working with few Russian and Ukrainian companies who offer high-quality gear in genuine Russian and Ukrainian camouflages.

Last year, we promised you larger tactical equipment program, especially one based on the MOLLE modular system. We had a little luck with Helikon-Tex’s shooting program, which also includes Velcro plates with MOLLE system, their Versatile Insert System (VIS). At the same time, we have accelerated the supply of Tasmanian Tiger products. The German giant is best known for its backpacks, but this year we have been given the opportunity to be surprised with many multifunctional accessories and tactical gear. In order to make your equipment as interoperable and modular as possible, we also purchased carabiners and other accessories from ITW Nexus, which is known for its Mil-Spec standard. Your bag does not have a MOLLE system and you would like to attach it to another piece of equipment? Say no more. ITW Nexus offers a number of add-ons that eliminate this problem without adhesives and sewing.

The extension of the bushcraft/outdoor program was also on the list of our promises. At this point, we have already done something by introducing new fire starters, folding saws and choppers Silky and Helikon-Tex’s outback line that covers everything from textiles to backpacks. This year we are also getting UK’s DD Hammock product: tents, sleeping nets and tarps. We also returned our legendary paracord, which we will sell on the meter. Revolutionary Gearskin is also coming to you shortly to mask any piece of your tactical or other equipment with a high-quality adhesive tape in original camouflages: MultiCam, A-TACS, Pencott, etc.

More news coming in shortly! You are kindly invited to share your opinions, wishes and observations with us!