Perunika is entering into its fifth year of existence and looking back, we are fulfilling marked goals, exceeding them even. We’re following our vision with uncompromising quality of products and services, customer support and excellence. Of course looking back at last year post, we are facing same problems as before. Because preorders are an important part of our financing, we are not always able to get everything done in promised time and face justified criticism. Again, we apologize to all, whose orders we didn’t deliver in time. Without your patience and trust Perunika wouldn’t exist!

Our long-term strategy hasn’t changed, but we can share with more details. Our tactical and military program stays the same without reductions. We’ve become recognizable with it, we have both professional customers and those, who expect the best from their everyday gear and prefer a more »military« look for their outdoor activities in comparison with sports clothing etc. We are expanding our line of tactical gear AF and LE but also sport shooters need the most: pouches for every use, bigger supply of vests, plate carriers, ballistic protection etc.

Where we’ve lagged behind the most is the outdoor/bushcraft market segment which we plan to expand this year. We would like to show a wider audience the benefits of so-called military gear – from cargo pockets to MOLLE system for equipment. Also we are just procuring all the essentials for quality outdoor activities: axes, shovels, knives, tarps, pouches etc.

And last but not least: this year we would like to become more embedded in the community which we belong to. More posts on social media, our expansion to Instagram and Youtube with professional content, reviews and of course entertaining content. We’ve already established we don’t use the social media to exclusively promote our sales program. We are a part of this large tactical/military community and as such curious what’s going on around us. If our competitor has an awesome product, we still want to share it with you, not censor it on behalf of ours.

Visiting IWA

Tomorrow we again ride for Nurnberg to visit IWA OutdoorClassics. Because we would like to share this awesome experience with you, we invite you to follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We intend to also post the final report on our blog. We are also preparing a kind of Q&A for you. If you have any questions regarding the fair, trends in gear development, questions for the producers etc., just write us and we’ll try our best to give you as many answers we can.

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