It might not be fair to have a review of the Perunika Professional Transport Cargo Bag 100 in the blog of the inventor of said bag so you might see it a as a mix of a review and a more thorough introduction. While we are not stating the Perunika bag is *the best* multipurpose bag out there, we *are* stating what qualities the best bag should have. A lot of experience and thought went into the design of this bag so seeing it as just another duffle bag would not do it justice. Let’s dive into some of the features and specialities that set it aside.

First off, what is the Perunika Professional Transport Cargo Bag 100? It’s not just a big bag but it was designed with a very specific usecase in mind. The main recipient of these bags are Slovenian disaster relief forces. So it’s main usecase is:

  • Put a big load of bulky items into the bag. Depending on the nature of the mission this can be a lot of different things
  • Mount a vehicle where you have to stow your bag as easily as possible
  • When you come close to your area of deployment you will dismount the vehicle and carry your stuff for the rest of the way. Depending on the situation this can mean walking a few meters or quite a long distance

You see, the bag has to be as versatile as possible. And it’s up to the task but read on what makes the Perunika cargo bag the best multipurpose cargo bag in our opinion.

Carrying options

One of the features that could make this bag the best multipurpose cargo bag around is it’s huge load of carrying options.

Bogatyr cargo bag backpack mode

Perunika cargo bag backpack mode

There are many duffel bags around that offer different configurations for carrying. What sets the Perunika cargo bag aside is the fact that you don’t have to “convert” the bag to your needs. There are no hidden straps and no loose connectors. All options are available all the time. You can just reach for the one that’s right for you right now. All handles and straps are placed so that they won’t get in the way when you’re using one of the remaining ones.

You have a long cross body sling that will allow to carry the bag like any other duffel bag. But you have extra straps that will allow for carrying it like a backpack. Sometimes you don’t want to put the bag over your shoulder or on your back but just grab it by it’s handles and carry it in in one hand. There are no extra straps for single handed carry. But on the backpack straps there are generous loops so you can grab them like handles on other bags. This will save you extra weight and extra bulk without sacrificing any versatility.

Grab handles

In addition there are enough grab handles all over the bag. You don’t use them for carrying but for moving the bag into and outside of storage compartments. Tests showed whenever you reach for the bag you’ll end up holding one of the handles.

If you positively know you won’t be needing the shoulder strap, you can remove it. You can’t completely remove the backpack straps but you can undo the lower end and stow them in a pocket in the lid of the main compartment. The lid is stiffened so it works as a light padding when you use it in backpack mode. The bag’s design allows for using it with all straps in place but if you really want, you can still remove or stow them.

Pockets that make it the best multipurpose cargo bag

You will find ample options to stow whatever you need to transport in the Perunika cargo bag. Of course it has a huge main compartment you can use to stuff everything in what you want to get from point A to point B. If that’s not enough, you will find one of the big side pockets to have an optional divider. Just like sleeping bag compartments in backpacks the divider is closed by a drawstring. When you carry the bag as a backpack this pocket is on the lower end. The main reason for this optional extra compartment was to provide space for wet and muddy boots. The drawstring divider helps with keeping the rest of your stuff save from whatever sticks to your boots when you put them in this compartment.

On the upper end you have another pocket and this one has internal dividers. There’s an extra small pocket on the outside of this bigger pocket. Along one side of the bag there’s a long pocket for documents and other thin items.

This mix of pockets will give you enough options to put all the bulk into the big compartment but still have some admin space for items that you might need while travelling. Remember this bag is not designed to be “worked from”. You use it for carrying things to a base camp or your destination. So pockets are mainly for things you might need on the road. Especially the long but thin pockets on the side and top end work well for paperwork, passports and other delicate and thin items you need to access quickly but want to store separate from your bulkier items.

Materials used

The bag is made of 1000D cordura. If you’re familiar with tactical gear you know that this is a guarantee for an extra tough build. You can tell alone by seeing that the bag won’t collapse as easily as models made from thinner fabric.

Bogatyr cargo bag on a shopping trip

Perunika cargo bag on a shopping trip

The bags bottom is solid so there’s no way liquids could get in or out when you put it down. Due to the way the handles are built, this part will not get into contact with your back when you carry the bag in backpack mode. Speaking of backpack mode, the lid is padded to make carrying it on your back even easier.

How I use it

I try to stay true to the bags mission of being the best multipurpose cargo bag by providing ample storage for whatever you throw at it. So I don’t have a specific task but I use it whenever I need to carry lot’s of bulky stuff.

  • Doing grocery shopping. Just don’t overload the bag! While it won’t break, you might not be able to carry it if you fill it to the brim with heavy items. Don’t underestimate the sheer size of it. I loaded it up with 28kg of groceries (including the bag) as a test. I could easily carry it to and from the car but carrying over kilometres would need a more sophisticated carrying system – not the design goal of this bag.
  • Carrying everything for a family weekend in a cabin. When you want to stay comfortable, especially with a dog you might want to bring some extra items not just the pure necessities. If it’s for a holiday you also might bring presents, drinks etc. . Having it all stored in one bag helps with travelling.
  • Hauling masses of gear for tests. I’m lucky enough to join a friend in his “forest laboratory” to test gear now and then. For that reason I carry way more than I’d usually use and the Perunika cargo bag helps with that. It’s also rugged enough to withstand being thrown around in the woods during tests.
  • Tyding up my gear collection. Lately I had quite a lot of bags spread out in our apartment for sorting. When I quickly wanted to tidy up for a cozy evening, I just put all the backpacks, waistbags, cookers etc. I had lying around into the Perunika bag and shifted the whole thing into a storage closet.

Technical Specs

  • Material: Cordura 1000D (nylon/polyamide)
  • Volume: 100l
  • Size: 90 x 37 x 31 cm; Main compartment: 75 x 30 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 1900g

About the author

widhalmt is what you might call a tactical gearhead with a focus on collecting. Like your average nerd he likes to dig into topics he’s interested in and learn as much about them as possible. Then he tries to get hold of his items of interest (he’s quite picky about brand and model when he chose a certain item) and put them to the test. Be it while walking the dog in the woods or go for overnighters outdoors.

In his daytime job he works as lead support engineer for an open source IT consulting company. Since his work involves a lot of travelling and going to customers he has quite some experience in choosing items that are rugged enough for constant travelling but still work in an office environment without offending anyone by being “too tactical” (although he tends to stretch that last part a bit). It’s safe to say that he has some tactical gear on him when he walks out the door (and sometimes even when he stays at home).

In tactical gear he has very widespread interests but if he had to pick something, it’s be knives, bags/backpacks and camo patterns (especially PenCott)