We’re not going to bore you to death with accounting and numbers. However, we are happy to boast about some major projects that we have completed despite maintaining fully operational global online store with professional tactical and military gear.

News and new gear

  • Perunika enters 2021 with reliable partners. We work with two large tactical stores abroad, one in Hong Kong and one in Thailand. In Slovenia, we strengthened our cooperation with no. 1 Tactical Training Center, Lynx Pro. In addition, we are working with survival schools, bushcraft associations and online stores.
  • The Slovenian Army now officially uses Carinthia sleeping bags (custom Defence 4 and Defence 1) in SloCam camo.
  • Slovenian Special Forces have chosen UTactic for its battle belts.
  • The Disaster relief units have selected Wisport professional backpacks (Zipperfox and Raccoon transport backpack) and custom UTactic professional bags (which we will shortly put in our offer).
  • We were the first to bring the long-sought military footwear Salomon Forces to Slovenia, which found its place in many units of the Slovenian Army, the Police and various voluntary fire brigades.
  • Tactical equipment (jackets, ballistics holders, handbags, etc.) has been expanded to another top manufacturer, Templar’s Gear.

And what do we have planned for 2021?

  • We now offer popular zipper pullers from Ventum Gear (TACPULL), which enrich your equipment, make it lighter, and make it much easier to handle in gloves, cold, etc. Custom Perun thunder mark is also in the works!
  • We expanded tactical equipment and military backpacks to British manufacturer Warrior Assault Systems. Professionals around the world know them for their quality and durable vests and military backpacks.
  • Mil-spec Monkey is back after some break! We will also expand its offer this year.
  • We are expanding the tactical equipment and clothing line of the well-known weapons manufacturer Česka Zbrojovka.
  • We have a large quantity of backpacks and tactical gear from Direct Action in stock.
  • We’ve restocked Tasmanian Tiger as well.
  • Everything you need for winter by Pentagon is now in stock.
  • Medical equipment is now serarately organized in the First Aid category, where you will soon find bandages and more.
  • We remain no. 1 Pencott camouflage ambassadors, which means more stock, larger offer, more custom projects …