After a prolonged break we are finally back again and at this time, we pray to all the gods that now our blog posting will be regular! Since we cannot expect you to open our website on a daily basis (although we might want it), and we should not bombard you too often with our e-mail newsletter, Perunika decided to make a blog post on a weekly basis or at least monthly where we’ll present novelties, trends etc.

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New items and lowered prices

Never can have too much camo

So what’s new in February? Firstly, all camouflage lovers and military enthusiasts rejoice for old products in new patterns! When the newest versions of the highly successful military backpacks Helikon-Tex Raccoon (20 L) and Helikon-Tex Ratel (25 L) came out, you immediately inquired for camouflaged versions. Now both backpacks are available in genuine MultiCam and in Polish woodland (wz. 93) in Cordura 500D. Multicam replaced the Polish version Camogrom in all Cordura products (military backpacks, bags, pouches etc.). Polish woodland is official pattern of the Polish armed forces and is extremely popular among civilians because of its neutrality and low profile. You can find it under the label ‘PL woodland’ on our web page and in the general category ‘woodland‘.

Also we will obviously see Direct Action products in woodland as well, which probably coincides with the fact they became the official procurer of the Polish army. Polish special forces are mostly using MultiCam, so Direct Action has not had any problems until now. Currently, we have all three backpacks available in PL woodland: Direct Action DustDragon Egg and Ghost. Of course, let’s not forget the Polish manufacturer Wisport, who makes military backpacks by demand. That’s why we sometimes have them in abundance and sometimes sadly not at all. But just so you know, all their products can be ordered by demand in any camouflage.

Looking at clothing, we have the opportunity to see some winter garments in new colours. The warmest of them all in Helikon-tex collection, winter jacket Level 7, is now available in Flecktarn and Camogrom (MultiCam). Winter poncho (liner) Swagman that can be used as light sleeping bag as well is now available in Camogrom, Flecktarn and Pencott Wildwood.

And speaking of Wildwood, this camouflage pattern from Pencott (Hyde) is relatively new and was first showcased two years ago. Your can read about it from our report. We’ve waited for some time to actually get some products in the pattern and we were in luck. The pattern was designed for Polish special forces as a better alternative to Greenzone for European forests and we all expected to see uniforms at first, but Helikon-Tex made a bold move. They recognized the potential for the pattern to be used in bushcraft, outdoor and survival so rather than making classic uniforms, they made highly functional products from the best materials. Currently the collection is expanding but we have one set for the wilderness ready:

  • Outdoor tactical pants replace the uniform. Waterproof and light softshell, breathable, great for the forest and even winter.
  • Wolfhound light insulation jacket replaces classic army shirt. Yeah, it’s too warm for the summer, but works great in winter, early spring and fall.
  • Windrunner is a good alternative if Wolfhound is too warm for you. Windrunner is light wind jacket that can be used as a functional piece of gear to have with you or you can use it for camouflage only.
  • And last but not least, the aforementioned Swagman is a great outdoor/bushcraft piece of gear to always have with you on your treks.

Another good news for camouflage lovers is a significant price drop in prices in the Perunika store. Although most traders, including the manufacturer Helikon-Tex, insist on higher prices for products in camouflage patterns (because the material is more expensive), we decided to cover this difference ourselves. We now have camouflage uniforms, tactical pants, military backpacks, etc. in the same price as solid colours. This also applies to the aforementioned backpacks.

These are just some of the products where we’ve equalized the prices:

There are a lot of new products and even brands in stock, GearSkin, Fenix Light, Mechanix gloves etc., but they deserve their own blog post. So stay tuned and thanks for being with us!