Due to its outstanding low weight and durability, the Paracord 550 is extremely popular among people who are engaged in outdoor activities. It also comes in handy to soldiers, police officers and other members of the security sector in carrying out their everyday tasks. Possible ways to use paracord 550 are limited only by your imagination. Here are some possible ways to use it.

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Use of Perunika Paracorda 550 can be summarized into these categories

1) Using it as a survival tool

2) Using it in all outdoor activities

3) First aid

4) Fishing

5) Making paracord accessories (bracelets, key chains etc.)

Using it as a survival tool

  • Make a shelter with materials found in nature or from a handy tarp. Use paracord to erect the tarp so you are safe from bad weather.
  • Make a raft by binding wood together.
  • Make a fire with a bow and drill.
  • Sew holes in your clothing: just remove the inner strings from paracord and use it.

Using it in all outdoor activities

  • Pulling objects – You can pull extra weight with Paracord 550. If the weight exceeds 250 kg, use several paracord loops. You can also use it to extract a car. If the paracord tears, it does not pose a risk.
  • Secure objects – The ParaCord 550 can be used to secure and attach items and equipment to a backpack, climbing belt etc.
  • Cord for drying your clothing and gear – Tension it between two trees and dry your clothes and equipment.
  • Protect food – When camping in the wild, you can take a bag of food and hang it high in the tree tops.
  • Laces – Paracord 550 can be used instead of laces. Get the inner cords out of the sheath and use the sheath instead of laces.
  • Make pulley – You can create a pulley and pull objects higher.
  • Hanging a hammock – With its large capacity, Paracord 550 can attach a hammock to the tree, or you can create the entire hammock mesh from the paracord.

First aid

  • Immobilize a broken limb – Paracord can be used instead of a triangular scarf for improvised immobilization of a broken limb.
  • Esmarch (tourniquet) – Paracord can be used instead of a triangular scarf for improvised blood shutdown using the esmarch method.
  • Create a makeshift combat stretcher.


  • Inner cords can be used for fishing.
  • Moor your boat with paracord. If needed, more than one string can be used.

Making paracord accessories

From paracord you can create different items that are not only good looking, but also useful. In case you need a rope, just disassemble them. This way you’ll have the rope with you all the times and wear it in a convenient way.

How to make a paracord bracelet

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