Here are my impressions from Enforce Tac 2024 and IWA 2024. As most of you might know, these two fairs are amongst the most important when it comes to new products in the tactical gear and outdoor spectrum. I’ve been there and I’ll try to give you an impression of what’s to be expected in the future. Please note, that what get’s shown are prototypes. And it might take a significant timespan for them to be released. Some might not be released at all.

To bring you the news while they are hot we decided to release this post as soon as we had some of the shown brands covered. So stay on the lookout for more.

Camo patterns

As a real camo nerd, one of the things I’m looking for first are news regarding camo patterns.


It got a bit silent about PenCott lately but you can tell there’s more and more movement with this awesome family of camouflage. While I haven’t spotted a new variant of PenCott, there were some booths that showed prototypes in PenCott. Especially GreenZone, BadLands and SnowDrift. Helikon-Tex showed their reversible swagman roll. Rarog had prototypes of reversible jackets and blankets. So reversible definitely is a thing. There were more rumours than ever about new projects with PenCott but since they are just rumours now, I don’t want to spark any hope before we see new items to be available.


The excellent WASP II camo family by PhantomLeaf were quite present at Enforce Tac 2024. It was joined by the Civ-Tec exclusive WASP I on IWA 2024. The huge new hit was PhantomLeaf WASP II Z1b. Not only could you see fabrics and new uniforms by Leo Köhler and PhantomLeafs own Taipan line – no there was also our very own prototype of a Perunika Gorka with ACU pants in WASP II Z1b! This new pattern is not only very aestheically good looking, but it should also work in a variety of terrains. While initially designed for rocky deserts, including alpine regions, it will also work in every dry place with scarce vegetation with or without patches of snow. A very versatile colorway.

At the booth of Mil-Tec you could spot the upcoming WASP I Z3b on a uniform. Designed for snow covered vegetation. Compared to WASP II Z3b it looks a bit like it has more white and green at a first glance. Also, there will be more items available in WASP I patterns. Like a tarp.

Speaking of tarps, PhantomLeaf has further improved its own products. Ponchos, Ghillies and Tarps will now come in a “crush” fabric that adds 3 dimensional disruption with extra wrinkles. Also there will be reversible, waterproof tarps to complement the already available tarps which are focused solely on camouflage.

Vintage Camo

Helikon-Tex surprised everyone over the last years by reviving some very much sought for camo patterns. This year is no exception as there were many items now shown in “Duck Hunter” camo.

Other Patterns

Overall you can say, there was not so much camouflage as there was in other years. If you are trying to find a trend, then it’s definitely Finnish M.05 camo. Not that I had reliable data but at least it looked very much like many booths had at least a small item in this pattern.

Aside from that, there were some items in MultiCam tropic. Maybe there will be more in the future.


Being a knife-nut since I was very young, I couldn’t skip all the beautiful new blades that were shown at Enforce Tac 2024 and IWA 2024.

Acta Non Verba

Our friends at ANV let us finally touch the excellent new models they released over the last months. If you had to spot a trend, I’d call it: “Smaller, more focused on every day use but none the less excellent.”

There are two smaller versions of already available knives: M311 comp and M500 Kamba. So you can keep the handling and functionality you love but adjust the size to whatever your current need is. Huge and powerful or small and swift.

Then there are two new mid-size fixed: The P250 is a hybrid between ANVs Military- and Outdoor line. Expect a detailed review soon. Then there’s the M25 – a very sensible sized field knife with lots of hidden features.

But there’s more: New, very elegant slipjoints which should be legal in most parts of the world. With their wide variety of colours they will fit you whatever kind of “Gent” you are. Exciting news for you material nerds out there: Acta Non Verba will release some of their folders with Ultem handles soon. They deserve a deeper dive into the details than what fits here.

Backpacks, Bag and Pouches at Enforce Tac 2024

Of course, there were some new pieces of tactical gear being showcased at Enforce Tac 2024 and IWA 2024.


What to improve when you’re satisfied with the products you have? Well, details. Berghaus kept news very low profile and did go for small changes. Like mountpoints for ski and walking sticks now made of hypalon instead of leather.

Also, there are now some of their well known tactical backpacks available in new, subdued colors.

But, there is huge news about Berghaus that could not be seen at Enforce Tac 2024. Berghaus will be available via Perunika very soon!


Helikon-Tex was present on both Enforce-Tac 2024 and IWA 2024. At Enforce-Tac they kept it low key and showed mostly new items for their Guardian plate carrier system and updated versions of bags and jackets.

Then on IWA 2024 Helikon-Tex showed a lot more which will be of interest for a wider range of people. First of all there’s a whole new bunch of SAR (Search-and-Rescue) related items. A new vest, new reflective pouches and some of their known clothes in bright red.

Also, as mentioned above, there were some items in classic “Duck Hunter” camo alongside with “Rhodesian brushstroke” they brought back last year.

You could see prototypes of new garments targeted at the civilian and outdoor market like a flannel jacket and a new outdoor first aid kit.

One of my personal favorites didn’t make it into their new catalog, yet. A “swagman scarf” which is basically a scarf made of the outer shell of a swagman roll so you can easily transform it into a windbreaking poncho.

Direct Action

Direct Action showed two new jackets at Enforce Tac 2024. One insulating, the other water repellent. Both are made in a way so that you can wear them over a chestrig or plate carrier. You can also easily open them up at the front if you need access to your gear.

Speaking of gear, Direct Action showed a wide range of improved designs for pouches. Mostly focused on fast access and light weight. One easy but very helpful feature is that bigger pouches with zippers now come with a toggle to lock the zipper.

Tasmanian Tiger

It seems like 2024 is the year of improved gear. So Tasmanian Tiger also mostly showed upgraded versions of some of their backpacks. New in their range are big duffle bags which can be carried with a wide variety of handles and straps, even as backpacks.

The biggest line of new gear at Tasmanian Tiger are waterproof items. Think of your usual dry sacks with valve but also very slim dry bags that mount into backpacks and bags. Some even come with see through windows so you can use a touch screen while they are closed. But that’s not all, there were some classic bags and backpacks that could be sealed waterproof.

Summary of Enforce Tac 2024 and IWA 2024

Walking through the fairgrounds it felt a bit like most companies tried to improve on what they already had and keep really new items very low key. That doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all. Let’s see, which items will actually be released and we’ll keep an eye open for other news as well.