Acta Non Verba – the newest addition to Perunikas knife portfolio. This relatively new brand of high quality from the Czech Republic made it fast into the circles of highly appreciated high class knives.

Acta Non Verba knife style

If you love knives you know the feeling that, sometimes, you take a new blade into your hand and it just feels like it belongs there. That’s one of the specialities about ANV. The extreme love for details can not only be seen, it can be felt. Be it handles or edges of the blades spine. Everything is smooth, round and nice to the touch. Save for the razor sharp edge of course.

Acta Non Verba knives are not just purpose built, they are fun to work with. But don’t get me wrong, they are not just toys. ANV knives can take a punch and they are just as reliable as they are smooth. Just keep in mind that we are talking about knives, not crowbars. Especially the military models are overbuilt enough to take some abuse but they are foremost built to work as high quality cutting tools.

Most models show a very distinctive technical look. All folders show a glow dot of glow in the dark material. While you can tell they are purpose built, all models also appeal to more general and minimalist aesthetics. Read on about how the style corresponds to the targeted use case.

Series in the Acta Non Verba range

Like many knife makers Acta Non Verba divides their models into series matching their purpose.

Military knives

Most interesting for a website about tactical gear, these are the more sophisticated fixed knives ANV offers. You can have most models with one or more styles of blade coating, colors for sheaths and handles etc.

Many models in this range have at least some some characteristics of fighting knives. There are daggers and “last ditch” tools but most fit perfectly into the role of a “tactical knife”. Meaning, they are great multipurpose tools you can use for more or less everything you need.

There are a lot of different handle variants available each made to purpose. But you can rely on them to be comfortable even when working hard over some time.

The military range also has knives that are a hommage to real world items. The M73 has several resemblances to the T-72 tank, main battle tank of the Czech armed forces. It even has a pommel made of an actual bolt used on the tank. The M500 models remind of military operations run by Czech operatives.

Fixed knives

While most military knives are fixed as well, these are more “civilian” models. Meaning they usually have no blade coating and look more like tools than anything else. You will find several classic blade shapes and utilitarian handles in this series. So for all you bushcrafters and survivalists, this range is the one to look into first.

P300 – an excellent hunting knife

Fixed knives of ANV outside of the military range are usually a bit less pricey than the military ones.

Folding knives

You can tell a certain style in the folders of Acta Non Verba. All of them are sleek, technical looking, elegant knives. They not only work great as EDC but also are fun to work with.

Take the Z100 BB. It’s set out to finally solve the endless discussion whether ball bearings in a folding knife are good or bad. Some love the “flipability” and ease of opening. Others say they wear out too fast during hard use. So the Z100 BB has a new type of ball bearings without cage but more balls which should make it more wear resistant.

All ANV folders show the “glow dot”. A small piece of glow in the dark material that usually sits in the thumb pin. When there’s no pin, ANV found alternative places for it.

There are several different blade shapes, opening and locking mechanisms in this range. So you will definitely find what you want to have with you. And for those of you living in countries with more restricting laws regarding carrying knives, there are models that should fit, too.

You won’t find any crowbars in the folders range of Acta Non Verba but if you treat the knives with respect they will stay with you and you can count on them when you need them.